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AkshyaPower Monitoring

AkshyaPower  Monitoring is a tool to continually track how well your solar power system is working. It’s an easy way to see the amount of energy you’ve produced and to follow the proper power output of your solar panel system. Solar monitoring software allows you to easily view how many kilowatt hours of electricity your solar panels are producing at any given moment in time. In the unlikely event, something were to go wrong with your system — a faulty wire or panel, for example— your solar monitoring system will flag the specific issue so that you can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Solar monitoring also provides you quick and easy ways to track how much money your solar system is saving you in energy costs.


Realtime monitoring

Realtime generation monitoring and analysis with cloud based dashboard

Monitor everything

Monitoring of Energy Meter, HTPanels, Inverters, String, Weather Station etc.

Alerts and tickets 

Real time Automatic Alerts and ticket generation for faults

Secure and roboust

Secure Cloud access through Password protection